Notus con Tilia 3 years

Notus con Tilia

* 03.11.2017       ZBNR: 247003

HD A1, Herz 0, Spondylose 0


Sire:   Ch. Aristo von der Coeur

Klubsieger | Dt. Champion (VDH)

Körung A | IPO 3 | FH 2 | AD

HD A2 | Hz 0 | Sp 0

Dame: Hula Hoop con Tilia

IPO 1  | HD A | Hz 0



Curly 1500x1000 2

New Mating: Notus and Curly

New Mating: Notus and Curly

Notus Schutzdienst 3

Notus passes the IGP 1

Notus con Tilia passes the IGP 1 (94/86/86a) in BK Kiel group.

Notus 3J

Notus passes the ZTP

Notus con Tilia passes the ZTP in BK Group Sinsen.

Notus 2

Notus Training

Notus is a male with high drive, who loves to work with me. He is trained in working dog sport.

Notus is focussed on the work in all three parts (tracking, obedience,  protection). He works with tremendous willpower and at the same time good obedience.

It is a great pleasure to lead him in dog sports.